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How To Maintain Your Six-Pack Abs With The Help Of Muscle Building Foods

Ask any wellness coach for what reason most workout amateurs burnout rapidly and he or she will answer that the greatest mistake those novices make is to attempt to emulate famous bodybuilders. Other than acting like a copycat in the fitness gym, the greatest oversight is that most amateurs neglect to incorporate a balanced diet that is focused on foods for six pack abs. The following are the top 10 muscle building foods that can help maintain a fat free belly.

The Top 10 Muscle Building Foods



Each one egg contains a protein substance of 6 to 8 grams. Eggs are likewise rich in vitamins, zinc, iron and calcium making them a standout amongst the most full muscle building nourishments.



You obtain 30 grams of protein from each 100 grams serving of chicken. They are effortlessly accessible and might be cooked into numerous flavorful dishes. Roast or bake it to reap more nutritious benefits.



Muscle building obliges hydration and drinking plain water can help sustain this. The human body is 70 percent water and muscle tissue is also wrapped up with around 75 percent water. Hydration will expand quality, vitality levels, and help in fat absorption.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil

The benefit of fish oil help your body to recover speedier from a substantial work. Fish oil is basically an effective anti-inflammatory component that additionally accelerates the digestive system build up rate so you are building muscle as well as losing fat. Read More »

supplements for mass

The aim of most people who are looking to get fit is to get muscles and to lose the fat at the same time. This may be very hard for most of them but there are ways that you can achieve this in a healthy manner and in a very short time indeed. It is a simple matter of getting the best supplements to help you achieve your goal. There are a number of supplements out there, but the best of the best are very specific and easy to find:

  1. Casein protein powder is a very good supplement because it increases the level of protein in your body and thus boosts protein synthesis; protein is the basic building block of the body and thus this is the basis of mass increase in your muscles and thus you end up growing them. Though it has a very slow digestion rate it is a good bedtime snack.
  2. Glutamine is also a supplement which is an amino acid that is used for muscle building. It has been proven to cause dramatic decrease in levels of muscle fatigue and so you can exercise for longer without getting tired. It also boosts the growth hormone levels.
  3. There are branched chain amino acids which are essential in muscle formation. These amino acids include leucine, valine and isoleucine but the most important one of all the three is the leucine. These amino acids have been proven to increase muscle protein synthesis, increase energy during your workout and so keeps you more active for muscle building.
  4. There is a supplement known as ZMA which stands for zinc, magnesium aspartate as well as vitamin B6. These nutrients are there to maintain your hormone levels since most athletes have a deficiency in these nutrients; it also acts as a good sleep aid because without sleep there is no sufficient rest for controlled muscle growth which is not healthy.
  5. Caffeine is also a cognitive enhancer which acts as a good supplement by stimulating your muscles and preventing muscle fatigue and therefore it is involved in increasing your power input drastically. This will allow you to do more vigorous training without getting tired.
  6. There are the nitric oxide boosters which do not really provide nitric oxide directly to the body, but it is the amino acid arginine that is provided and then it is converted into the nitric oxide in the body. This supplement helps in dilating the blood vessels to the muscles. This in turn causes more blood to flow into the muscles and more oxygen, anabolic hormones and nutrients to the muscles and thus encourage more muscle growth.
  7. There is the L-carnitine fat-loss supplement that work just the same way that the nitric oxide boosters work and is thus key in enhancing muscle growth.

Mass Workout Routine

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Anxiety can be a crippling thing to the life of a person especially in our generation today which has been thrown into a world of high expectations and cut-throat performances. There are ways that one can actively combat this plague of anxiety that do not involve any medicine. They will allow you to get back to reality because when one is anxious he or she drifts to another world of their own where they begin to play the game of what if. To pull you from this state is a bit difficult but continued practice on the remedies can help those who suffer from anxiety or have anxiety disorders. Read More »

natural foods for pain relief

Nobody really wants to feel or experience preventable pain. It is irritable and can sometimes be very inhibitory to your activities of the day. Pain can range from a headache to real gastro-intestinal discomfort. All this pain however can easily be prevented by certain natural foods. Simply put, this means that you do not have to take any drugs or medicine so as to get relief from pain that would bring you discomfort. So if you have a phobia for factory manufactured products then you should definitely keep reading this article. You will see that there are a number of easy to get remedies of pain that are actually in your house and you probably did not have the knowledge of their power.

Some of the natural food pain remedies that are known today include the following:


The first one that will excite most of you is coffee. A cup of coffee is a very good pain remedy; most people just take coffee to stay awake and to start off the day, but it is more than just a cup of stimulators. It contains caffeine that has been shown to reduce pain from exercise induced muscular injury.


The other pain remedy that is sure to shock most of you is oranges; yes, those oranges that are sitting on dining table. Vitamin C in the oranges can prevent onset of colds as well as any respiratory problems. It also has an added antioxidant called beta-cryptoxanthin which can help reduce risk of inflammation. Read More »