Video Guide: 7 Easy Steps to Fix Internet Connection Issue on Windows 10

Having a problem with your internet connection on Windows 10? Don’t worry. You only need some basic troubleshooting which you can learn today. In this video below, you will know 7 simple and easy steps on fixing network connection on your Windows 10 device.

So, what are you waiting for? Click this video and get your internet fixed right away!

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In the video above, you have given 7 ways on how you can fix internet connection on Windows 10. To summarize it all, the methods are:

  • Resetting your TCP/IP
  • Releasing the IP address
  • Renewing the IP address
  • Flushing and resetting the DNS client resolver cache
  • Updating network adapter
  • Disabling antivirus and firewall
  • Booting to a Linux live CD


If you have questions and concerns, please leave them down in the comment box below. We will try to help you with whatever we can. You can also share some tips on how to fix internet issues if you know something else that has not mentioned above.

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